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  • 2000W FRESNEL spotlight

    2000W FRESNEL spotlight


    Introduction:Adopting fresnel optical lenses, it offers fabulous condensing performance, long throw distance, and adjustable light spot, it is manual dimming and simply operating. With stable and reliable quartz l...

  • built-in tricolor fluorescent light

    built-in tricolor fluorescent light

    NO.:SKY-Q36×2 SKY-Q35×4 SKY-Q36×6 SKY-Q55×2 SKY-Q55×4 SKY-Q55×6

    Introduction:Light source adopts tricolor lamp which provides a soft without heat radiation light. Good color rendering, no flicker and disturbance of the audio frequency and video frequency. Greatly meet the requ...

  • 400W LED follow spot

    400W LED follow spot


    Introduction:SL400 is a high-performance LED follow spot. It utilizes a unique optical system where, after the second time of condensing through a lens, the beam is softer and more uniform. It features an ultra-qu...

  • 1000W PC spotlight

    1000W PC spotlight


    Introduction:Adopting the international advanced optical technology and high-performance PC lens, coupled with infrared dielectric film reflector, the utilization of light and optical performance has carried to th...

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